Acura Timing Belt Warning Signs

Timing Belt


At the wheel of your luxury sedan or SUV, you’ll always want to be aware of any potential problems that need to be addressed before you get back on Cherry Hill roads, such as the quality of your Acura timing belt. This is an important component to the functionality and safety of your vehicle, so it’s crucial to understand various timing belt warning signs that a replacement is needed. Learn more about the signs you need a new timing belt from the automotive experts at Acura Turnersville today!



How Does a Timing Belt Work?

So, how does a timing belt work? The timing belt in your Acura sedan or SUV controls the pistons and valves in your vehicle as they operate during your Maple Shade commute. It acts almost like a strong, reinforced rubber band with notches on the inner side that work seamlessly as your engine’s valves open and close.

Top Signs You Need a New Timing Belt

The timing belt warning signs of your vehicle may appear in several ways, but they are significant differences that will get your attention that something needs to be done. These can occur as soon as you start the car or while you’re on Maple Shade roads, so be alert at all times. Here are some of the most common signs you need a new timing belt listed below:

  1. Ticking noise coming from the engine
  2. Oil leaking near the motor
  3. Engine won’t ignite or turn over
  4. Excess smoke coming from the exhaust
  5. Hydroplaning on slick surfaces
  6. Revolutions per minute on your vehicle’s meter fluctuate
  7. Check engine light remains on for extended periods

When Do You Need a New Acura Timing Belt?

So, when do you need to get a new timing belt? While there’s no telling exactly how long a timing belt should last, many automotive experts suggest getting a new timing belt installed after around every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. You can also refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for any suggestions of when to seek out Acura timing belt replacements.

Shop for a New Acura Timing Belt at Acura Turnersville

Now that you’ve seen some of the signs you need a new timing belt, you’ll have the knowledge to recognize any issues along with your Medford drives. Shop for a new Acura timing belt at Acura Turnersville and see how you can save even more on your purchase with our rotating coupons and specials. We also have many helpful service tips and tricks to best take care of your vehicle. Contact us today for more details on timing belt warning signs and to schedule an appointment at our dealership here in Turnersville!


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