How Often Do I Change My Cabin Air Filter?

Man Replacing Cabin Air Filter

How often do I change my cabin air filter? Keeping your car well-maintained will add value and save you a lot of time. While some jobs are best left to Certified Acura Technicians who often offer specials and coupons, it’s smart to know how to tell when it’s time for routine maintenance. Whether you do it yourself or bring it to the Acura Turnersville service department, we can get you started on how to maintain your Acura MDX cabin air filter or Acura TLX cabin air filter.

What Does a Cabin Air Filter Do?

A lot of outside air passes through your car’s heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system, bringing with it all the pollen and pollutants in Cherry Hill’s air. The cabin air filter catches these small particles and keeps the air inside your car fresh and clean.

When Should I Change My Cabin Air Filter

How fast your cabin air filter gets dirty depends a lot on your driving environment. In seasons when Maple Shade has lots of pollen in the air, the filter will get dirty faster. Same if you’re driving through dusty road construction, on dirt roads, or in polluted cities. It’s time for a new cabin air filter if there’s reduced airflow when the climate control system is on. If unpleasant odors are lingering, or you’re noticing more dust settling on the car’s interior surfaces, it’s time to change the Acura RDX or Acura MDX cabin air filter.

Acura Cabin Air Filter Location

Consult your car’s owner’s manual to find specific instructions, beginning with where your Acura cabin air filter location. So, where is the cabin air filter? If it’s behind the glove box or under the hood near the engine near the base of the windshield, it should be easily accessible. In some cars, it’s under the dashboard, which is more difficult to replace.

How To Change Your Air Filter

You’ve seen how often to change a cabin air filter, so now it’s time to take the next steps. Wear gloves and a mask while changing your filter so you don’t get injured on any particles in it. Throw away the old filter and replace it with a genuine OEM cabin air filter to maintain your car’s warranty.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Cost

The cabin air filter replacement cost is relatively low. You can expect to pay upwards of $25 or more on the part itself, and roughly the same for labor charges. This can bring your total cost to somewhere between $60 to $80, depending on where you bring in your vehicle for service. At Acura Turnersville we offer a range of rotating service and parts specials so you can save more on the maintenance you need most.

Find Cabin Air Filter Replacements at Acura Turnersville!

Next time you’re driving through Medford and you notice your vents aren’t blowing as well as they should, get that cabin air filter replaced. Whether you’re ordering a new OEM cabin air filter replacement or scheduling an appointment to have it replaced, contact our service department. We’ll help you clear the air. Find out how to rotate your tires or how to check transmission fluid with our quick and easy guides or check out our used Acura SUVs online.

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