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Your Vehicle’s Trade-in Value in Turnersville!

When you’re ready to say, “Out with the old and in with the new!,” come visit Acura Turnersville for a great deal and see what your old car’s trade-in value is in Turnersville! When you buy a new Acura near Cherry Hill, you can use the value of your old car toward the purchase, saving you money. If you’re looking for car-buying tips, one of the best is to trade in your old car to the dealership where you buy your new one from. We can save you the work of selling your car—and we’ll put the money from your car’s trade-in value directly toward the price of your new vehicle!

Acura Turnersville is proud to offer the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In valuation tool to our friends and neighbors in the Maple Shade area. Just enter your car’s information above to get your its trade-in value in Turnersville from Kelley Blue Book, one of the industry’s leading experts.

How Do Trade-ins Work for Cars?

How do trade-ins work for cars? Essentially, a trade-in is just what it sounds like: Bring in your old car, and trade it in at the dealership for a new or pre-owned automobile. Behind the scenes, we’ll buy your car from you, then use that money to pay off part of your new car, saving you money and the headache of trying to sell the car on your own.

Trading in your current car for a new Acura near Medford is the easiest way to save money on your next ride, and you can trust that our valuation is accurate at Acura Turnersville because we use the industry-standard Blue Book® Value. See how much your car is worth with our easy-to-use tool!

How to Use Our Car Trade-in Tool

There are plenty of online tools that can help you assess your car trade-in value in Turnersville. However, our tool keeps all of your financial information in one place, making it even simpler to apply for financing to purchase or lease your new car. You can go straight from valuing your vehicle trade-in in Turnersville to securing Acura financing near Maple Shade, so you’ll get out of the dealership quickly and back on the road!

Using our tool, you’ll need to input your current vehicle’s make, model, year, VIN, and a few other details about its condition and maintenance history. Then, we’ll contact you with an estimated value, and help you get started on finding your next Acura!

Vehicle Trade-in in Turnersville: Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know the basics of vehicle trade-ins in Turnersville, you might still have a few questions. Below, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about vehicle trade-in in Turnersville:

Can You Trade In a Financed Car?

Absolutely! If you have positive equity on the car (that is, it’s worth more than what you currently owe), you can easily trade it in. The dealer will purchase the car and pay off the loan, then they’ll put what’s left toward the new vehicle price—saving you money!

If you have negative equity – if you owe more than it’s currently worth – you may still be able to trade-in your car. How trade-ins work for cars with negative equity is a little different though: the difference between the loan’s principal and your car’s value will be rolled into your new car loan. You’ll still have to pay it off later.

You can trade in a car at any time, but we recommend waiting until you at least have positive equity.

What Does it Mean to be “Upside Down” on a Car Loan?

Being upside down on a loan is the same thing as having negative equity. For example, if you owe $30,000 on a car that’s worth $25,000, you have negative equity – you’re “upside down” on your loan.

Can I Trade In My Car for a Cheaper Car?

Of course! If you own the car outright or you’ve paid it off, you can do whatever you like with it. If you still owe money on your current car, you can trade it in for a cheaper one as well.

How to Increase Your Car Trade-in Value in Turnersville

The best way to make sure your car will have a high trade-in value is to take good care of it while owning it. Stay up to date on maintenance and service like oil changes, fluid changes, and tire rotations to ensure you get the highest trade-in value possible when buying a new vehicle.

Once you’ve bought your new Acura with your trade-in, follow the recommendations in the owner’s manual to schedule your maintenance appointments with the certified Acura technicians at Acura Turnersville. Not only will your car last longer, you’ll get more back when you trade it in later!

Learn More about Trading Your Car for an Acura with Acura Turnersville

Now that you know more about how trade-ins work for cars, and your car trade-in value in Turnersville, contact us to learn more! Be sure to review our new vehicle specials to find out how else you can save!

Let our sales staff do the work of selling your old car while you enjoy your new Acura in Medford or Maple Shade. Find out more about what we can do for you today!